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Welcome to Det Flydende Forlag

Det Flydende Forlag launched to nourish the free soul. To pay tribute to art without interference, to give without having to be controlled and to tell people’s stories without being dependent on anything.

We navigate brilliantly – even in strong countercurrents – and would rather drop anchor than seek harbour during storms. The ship with its bow towards the wind will rarely capsize.

Det Flydende Forlag aims to publish books of significance.

Whether a book has commercial potential or not is less interesting than whether it has potential as a narrative – can it linguistically grip the reader and leave an imprint?

This publisher manoeuvres freely on the surface. Others have to take care of sinking boats and ideas that have run aground.

Det Flydende Forlag
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Email: styrehuset@detflydendeforlag.dk
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About the author Lone Vitus

Literary fiction is Vitus’ favourite genre. This is not rooted in an impressive back catalogue, but rather stems from the satisfaction of creating mental images, characters, feelings and ideas through the free combination of words, which the novel’s form allows.

Vitus also– gladly – writes non-fiction literature, but writing fiction gives a sense of belonging. Or of coming home. It is that direction in which authorship is moving.

Published Works:
Hønsefødder & Gulerødder (”Chicken Feet & Carrots”), cookbook, 2011
Under landet, novel, 2013 (’The Harrowing’, Currently in translation,)
Mad vs. Fødevarer, (”Nutrition vs Food”), a debate generating non-fiction book 2014
Balders bog (”Balder’s Book”), novel, 2016

In 2015 Lone Vitus was awarded Den Gyldne Grundtvig culture award (The Golden Grundtvig).

”Lone Vitus was awarded the prize for her unrelenting, committed and insightful work of communicating important and topical issues of sustainability and green transformation in a popular, sharp and accessible manner, contributing to the popular education tradition and culture that the Danish high school emanates,” said the chairman of the committee behind The Golden Grundtvig, Bo Klindt Poulsen.
Previous awardees of Den Gyldne Grundtvig include Ebbe Kløvedal Reich, Martin Krasnik, Benny Andersen, Johannes Møllehave and Niels Højlund.

In 2016 the Danish Arts Council granted funding for a sample translation of Lone Vitus’ debut novel, Under Landet (The Harrowing). The translation work was performed by the talented English specialist and translator Sinéad Quirke Køngerskov from Folkvang Engelsk.


About the novel The Harrowing

The Harrowing makes the movie Fargo look like a children's film.
Via Åge’s monumental self-deception and lies
The Harrowing stands out as a pillar of shame for the most loathsome and most dangerously industrialised part of Danish agriculture today.

As Åge gradually reveals his theories of animal husbandry, society, finances and sexual relationships, not only is the reader shaken from its brutality, but even more so from the compelling ”logic” and completely coherent life and world philosophy behind it.

No other recent Danish novel enables you to read such a precisely formed and complete demonstration of such a person and society’s perception.

The novel has a mighty strength: at its deepest it is about much more than the mistreatment of pigs. It brings us closer to the dangerous convinctions held by some of the worst political movements of the 20th century; horror’s millennium, humanity's worst time when murders of people became industrialised and planned by bureaucrats.

A bazooka of a novel and a very powerful experience.

The Harrowing, has received many good reviews in the Danish media.

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